Hands down my favourite gloves

In my last trip to Paris I was very restrained in my yarn purchases but I really couldn’t resist some gorgeous indigo alpaca at La Droguerie. I only took a 1oog ball, I didn’t have any specific project in mind, I just loved the lo0k and feel of it.

I’d been admiring Ysolda Teague’s Veyla for a while, and wanted to make myself a pair of these cuties. My only reservation was that I already have a few pairs of fingerless mitts, but I haven’t got any handknitted gloves of my own, it seems I have gifted away the few pairs I have knit in the past few years… So I just decided to alter the pattern a bit by knitting myself some fingers.

Veyla (Ysolda Teague) with fingers

I found the buttons in a car boot sale and I love the mother of pearl look and the contrast with the dark yarn (the color is truest on the photos of the gloves themselves). I think the fingers partly take away the edgy/lacy contrast of the original design, which is a shame, but I love them nonetheless. They might just be the classiest pair of knitted gloves I own.

The yarn was absolutely gorgeous to knit with and is gloriously soft to the touch. The gloves only used up 50g, so I’ve still got another 50g to use. Any ideas of what I could do with my remaining 170 yards of gorgeousness? Oh and I’ve still got 2 of my cute little buttons left…


4 responses to “Hands down my favourite gloves

  • Kate A

    Love those, Cecile! I’m halfway through my first pair of Veyla myself – great pattern, I do like Isolda’s stuff. Next project may well be an Ishbel, methinks.

    • Cecile

      Thanks Kate, I also made an Ishbel myself the winter before last. I loved it, it was simple to knit and grew really fast, it really is lovely. But I didn’t check my gauge, and since I like stockinette stitch to look neat and tidy and at a small gauge, my Ishbel turned out to be about kerchief sized even though I’d knit the full-sized pattern…

  • ilana H

    Hey, you can sell it back to me to knit classy gorgeous gloves like yours ! love it, Cecile it look nicer than the original 🙂

  • Webknitter13

    Those gloves are amazing! And I think you should make a comfy pair of ballet slipper socks out of the rest of that amazing yarn! I just got the most recent issue of Creative Knitting, and I think the pair with the crossed i-cord on top of the foot would be beautiful in that yarn. I have been making a rather silly pair out of leftovers from a koi fish inspired colorway. They are certainly not elegant in blue orange white and black but they are fun! In your beautiful indigo, they would definitely be elegant.

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