My name is Cécile.

I’m a technique junkie, love the rush of learning a new craft or just a new technique within a craft, and have become addicted to many things over the years.

This space is dedicated to only a few of my fiber-related obsessions: mostly spinning and knitting, with maybe a bit of sewing thrown in for spinning and knitting accessories. I’m on a quest for the perfect spindle, and I’m hoping it will soon take me to woodturning, which, since it’s just another type of spinning really, might also make an appearance in the posts…

I write in English because this is the language in which I was introduced to spinning, but my native language is French, and I’ll be happy to answer any questions put to me in that language as well.

Here are a few other places you can find me online:

I regularly contribute to the Historic Crafts website.

I am on Ravelry as Cecilespins.

You can also contact me at waysofthewhorl@gmail.com.


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