Tutorials and Patterns

Spinning tutorials:

Long before starting this blog, I compiled a list of my favourite spinning how-to videos on the Historic Crafts website, since this is how I learned to spin myself.

My friend Eddie of Historic Crafts also drew instructions on how to make a drop spindle out of a CD and a dowel, and these were my early go to spindles. They’re a bit big to carry around in your handbag, but they spin well, are light enough, and take about 5 minutes to make.

I hope these will be of as much help to you if you’re starting out, as they were to me when I did.

Knitting Patterns:

Knitted Christmas Star


2 responses to “Tutorials and Patterns

  • Joyce

    Your knitting star is just lovely. I can hardly wait to make some. I knitted round ornaments from sock yarn this year, along with candy canes. And I’m anxiously awaiting your hearts pattern.

    • Cecile

      Thanks very much Joyce, I’m looking forward to seeing your knitted stars! It’s the best thing about putting a pattern out there, seeing them come off other people’s needles.
      As for the hearts pattern I used for Christmas, it wasn’t mine I’m afraid. It can be found here. I’ll be making more of these for a Valentines group project, see my next post and come join us to play if you’re going to knit some hearts…

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