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The Knitted Christmas Star pattern is up

It has now been tested by a couple of people (Thank you so much Eddie and Caitriona!) and apparently it actually makes sense, so here is the pattern for the Christmas Star.

Knitted Christmas star

The star is knit entirely in the round, the centre of each side first, then each points, using stitches from both center pieces. The first one is a bit slower to knit, but once you’ve done a few they’re a lot faster. It now takes me about an hour to make a star from start to finish. In aran weight it gives a 9cm wide star. Using a yarn with stretch, like wool, is much easier than cotton or silk, as Eddie painfully found out.

I even went and set the pattern up with its own Ravelry page, so please upload photos if you do decide to make one as I’d really like to see how yours come out. If you don’t have a Ravelry account, feel free to email me a photo, or leave one in the comments, I’d love to see them.

This is the first ever pattern which I’ve written out, so I’ll welcome any suggestions for improvement, and I look forward to seeing what other knitters make of it.