Spindle gallery

Here you will find photos of some of the spindles I have made.


Jarod is a top whorl drop spindle. The shaft is made out of a Cocobolo chopstick, and the whorl is a metal bowl. It weighs approximately 1oz.

I also love casting resin and made quite a few spindles in that way. I first started experimenting with different types of moulds and got these.

First resin spindles

The first ones were made with natural pine dowels and not always greatly balanced but I love them and often use them nonetheless.

A few more experiments with different types of moulds and finishes gave me those:

Ayken 23g


Athena 23g


Salali 23g

Avis 22g

I have a few still waiting to finish curing or waiting to get the proper shaft and hook fitted, so more will be coming soon.

Feel free to contact me at waysofthewhorl@gmail.com if you’re interested.


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