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Spreading the love

Valentines day will soon be upon us, and although I’ve never celebrated it much, I really love the idea that Eddie over at the Grey Duckling, has cooked up for it. It is taking the love theme of Valentines, but allowing it more scope, and spreading the love worldwide.

It’s called A World in Love. The idea is very simple: you craft a heart, anything goes, using whatever material you enjoy working with, I’m knitting one, but there are people making some out of paper and so on. You then photograph that heart in a place you love, or which holds a special place in your heart. You upload your photo onto the flickr group, or post in in the Ravelry or the facebook group and it will be uploaded for you on flickr.

You can also add a few words about the place. And I love the next bit: the photos are geotagged to show a map of the hearts. I think for the moment there are not that many yet, but I know of people around the world thinking of making theirs… So I can’t wait to see what comes of it.

Tree in Winchester

This picture was taken by Eddie from Grey Duckling, with a heart I knit for her with the yarn she spun from a recycled sweater... There's so much I love about this: the tree (I'm tree obsessed), the recycled yarn, Winchester, the beautiful winter light...

I’m currently knitting a contribution to the group, which I want to photograph in London as I’m there twice a week at the moment and there are so many places I love there… I’ve been struggling with light lately as the winter sun is being particularly difficult in England in the past couple of weeks, but I’ll definitely get at least one photo on there before the 14th of February.

Will you?