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The Knitted Christmas Star pattern is up

It has now been tested by a couple of people (Thank you so much Eddie and Caitriona!) and apparently it actually makes sense, so here is the pattern for the Christmas Star.

Knitted Christmas star

The star is knit entirely in the round, the centre of each side first, then each points, using stitches from both center pieces. The first one is a bit slower to knit, but once you’ve done a few they’re a lot faster. It now takes me about an hour to make a star from start to finish. In aran weight it gives a 9cm wide star. Using a yarn with stretch, like wool, is much easier than cotton or silk, as Eddie painfully found out.

I even went and set the pattern up with its own Ravelry page, so please upload photos if you do decide to make one as I’d really like to see how yours come out. If you don’t have a Ravelry account, feel free to email me a photo, or leave one in the comments, I’d love to see them.

This is the first ever pattern which I’ve written out, so I’ll welcome any suggestions for improvement, and I look forward to seeing what other knitters make of it.


Knitted Christmas: mini stockings

I came across those a few days ago in my Christmas ornaments knitting frenzy and straight away cast on and made a couple. If I hadn’t also suddenly decided that there were a few more presents I needed to knit before the end of the week I’d be making many more of those mini stockings.

Mini stockings

I wanted them to be very small so I made them on 2mm needles with fingering weight yarn. Although I was in so much of a hurry to start on them I grabbed a few balls of yarn and headed down to Crafty Coffee on Friday morning. Once there, I realised that my white yarn was substantially thinner than my teal one. But still too impatient to wait till I got home to choose another yarn, I started knitting the little tree stocking with the two different weights of yarn anyway.

These are my first ever items, albeit very small ones, knitted entirely with my own handspun yarn, and that makes me slightly giddy. Although I’ve now been spinning for about six months, I’ve only ever knitted sample squares, and absolutely loved it, but until now had not taken the plunge any further. I also have to admit that because I wanted to find out as much about spinning as fast as possible, I have tried many things, and have a lot of very small skeins, which do not necessarily lend themselves easily to many projects.

This is merino top spun on a CD spindle. The teal is the result of my first ever dye experiment with acid dyes, and I was pretty happy with my very small skein. I love the knitted result, and the stocking is incredibly cute, but the thinness of the white merino makes the shape of the heel a bit weak, which in my eyes throws out the balance of the whole stocking.

So on the second one (the zigzag design), I decided to double my white merino to obtain a similar weight to the teal, and I have to admit it worked out very nicely. I’ve still got plenty more of the teal, and enough of the white merino to make many more, although I’m not sure if I’ll have time to make many more before Christmas…

And, just to show off all my knitted tree ornaments, here is a pic of my Christmas ficus, no Christmas tree in my house, but like Eddie, who’s written about what to do if you dont’ have one, I’ve found an alternative:

Christmas ficus

(Sorry for the overexposed photos thoughout, most of them were taken in entirely unsuitable light)

Knitted Christmas stars

After making so many little hearts, I started wondering about other stuffed shapes I could come up with, and which might be suited to the holiday season. For me, stars are the most Christmassy shape. I used to cut some out of cardboard and shiny paper when I was a child to fit the Christmas tree color scheme that my mother had decided on, and would then leave them all over the house. I’ve been meaning to knit a Celestine for a while to put on top of the Christmas tree, but for now I fancied something smaller and even more of an instant gratification. Something I could easily knit in one sitting.

I played around a bit with different ideas for a five pointed star. I wanted the stitches to go from the centre out, and I wanted it to have as little seaming and fiddling as possible (they’re still a bit fiddly in places, but I can live with that). I also didn’t want the increases or decreases to be hidden in the seams, I wanted the shaping stitches to be a bit of a feature. There’s been a fair amount of trial and error, but I think I’ve now got it.¬† I’m pretty happy with the result I must admit, I like the overall look of those.

Knitted star in aran weight yarn

These are slightly bigger than the little hearts… This purple star made in aran weight yarn and knit on 3.5mm needles has a ‘wingspan’ of 9cm.

I’m currently writing up the pattern, but before I share it, I’m going to first make sure it all makes sense by asking a couple of friends to try and knit one from my written instructions. It’s the first time I try to write out a pattern, so I just want to make sure it’s more than just making sense in my own warped mind. Once I’m satisfied with how clear it all is, I’ll post the pattern here.

It only takes a short time to knit a star, and once you’ve done one the second one is even faster, so hopefully there will still be time to put some on your tree!

A knitted Christmas

Christmas is fast approaching… Slightly over two weeks to go and I appear to be completely unprepared this year as always. But I’ve decided there is still time to knit myself a bit of Christmas. I won’t knit Christmas presents for my whole family (although I have a few things I completed earlier this year which will be gifted under the tree), but I’m arming myself with knitting needles and bits of yarn and entering the Christmas spirit.

This year, I’ve decided to give a go at knitting Christmas decorations, they will hold to no watering for a couple of weeks much better, when I’m in France spending Christmas with my family, and still be just as fresh when I get back. I’m also hoping this will become a bit of a collection in the long run, to which I will add over time, so that, even if I only have time to knit a few ornaments this year, next year I will have a few more. I’ve never been very good at decorating my house for the festive season.

I started off with these lovely little things to hang in my plants, or a tree if I ever get one, or just around the house. They’re a very quick knit and a brilliant way to use up odd ends of yarn. I immediately fell in love with these little hearts:


Knitted hearts

Knitted hearts

I took the model here, the blue one is made of fingering weight yarn, the purple one of a laceweight yarn held double, both are knit on 3,5mm needles. I’m off to make plenty more to sprinkle around. I’m also working on a knitted wreath, although there are a few hurdles, and experimenting to make a pattern up for stuffed knitted stars in the same style as the hearts.

If anyone else has any pointers to give me on knitted Christmas, please leave a comment, I’d love to hear from you.