Remember the whorls I showed you in the last post and which were about to be drilled… well, they have now been mounted on shafts and properly finished.

I thought I’d show off the resulting spindles:

The largest and also the heaviest of the series, at 49g for a diametre of 7cm

It is much heavier than the spindles I usually go for, but it is also wider and would make a good plying spindle I think. It certainly spins for a while…

A slightly smaller version of the same design, on a 6cm whorl for a weight of 38g

A two magpie design, 6cm whorl, 35g

I’m loving them, they’re all slightly heavier than my usual ones, because I was making those on request, but I actually like that they spin for that much longer…

I usually aim around the 25g mark, but I think I’ll make some heavier ones on a more regular basis… How about you? What kind of weight are your favourite spindles? Do you use some of your spindles specifically for plying? I’m just curious…


8 responses to “Magpies

  • Rachael

    They’re stunning! I’ve only got one drop spindle so far, and I don’t really know what to try next!

    • Cecile

      Well, thank you! If I were you I would try a different type of drop spindle first. So if you have a top whorl I’d try a bottom whorl (maybe a Turkish), and vice versa… Although you could also try supported spindling if you wanted. I guess it depends what takes your fancy either in terms of spindles or fibres… The first rule of spindling is: there are no rules! Yet there is a second rule of spindling. The second rule of spindling is: have fun!

      • Rachael

        I have to admit, I only started spinning after resisting for five years because it looked like so much fun, and a drop spindle didn’t seem like the same level of commitment as buying a wheel! So now, of course, I’m pretty sure I’m going to end up with a dozen spindles. Hooray!

  • Pantoffels

    Those are fabulous!

  • Webknitter13

    Do you sell these spindles? I would love to get one. Please let me know. I am also Webknitter13 on Ravelry.


  • Paula

    Vous vendez ces spindles?
    Jáimeria de avoir un pour moi.

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