On Sunday, I went to Unravel, a fibre festival held at Farnham, Surrey. It was my first time there and I thoroughly enjoyed the experience. I loved the whole atmosphere, the knitted interior, you can see it on their website (I particularly liked the knitted lampshades), the friendliness of the vendors, the lusciousness of the fibres and the colours, oh the colours. It was like being in a giant candy store! I didn’t take any photos there, but Eddie of Grey Duckling did and kindly allowed me to share some with you. She’s also blogged about it here.


The stall of the Natural Dye Studio, photo courtesy of the Grey Duckling

I wanted to show you pictures of some of the lovely goodies I brought back with me, and when I set out to take some I suddenly realised I didn’t get any colours in my hunt. I wanted to get fibres primarily rather than yarn, and unfortunately there didn’t seem to be any solid color tops left on Sunday. While I do love the look of variegated yarns in the skein, I just don’t particularly love the way it knits up most of the time. So, just natural fibres here today I’m afraid…

Although the first one I’m going to show you is not white. The first thing I knew I absolutely had to get was a lovely bit of unprocessed Gotland fleece from Well Manor farm. My hand accidentally plunged into one of their bags and I knew I was doomed. The moment of my demise was documented here. It feels soft as a cloud, buttery and yummy with a highly distinctive smell of sheep. I love it.

Gotland fibres

And Well Manor farm is fairly local to me, which is brilliant beyond belief! Plus I got to fill my little baggy of fibres myself, oh the joy of foraging in that load of fleece…

Next, I got a whole batch of combed tops from John Arbon Textiles. Some Organic Merino/Silk (75/25) blend which I’ve already started to n-ply on the fly on one of my resin spindles as soon as I got home:

Cat spindle, Organic Merino and Silk blend, n-ply on the fly, combination made in heaven

I also got two blends with nylon there because I wanted to try my hands at spinning for socks so I chose one Alpaca/Merino/Nylon, and Exmoor Blueface/Nylon, both white clouds of lovely fibres, no pics here, but there are some on the website.

All the fibres I bought were white, but might not stay so for long. I had a good long conversation with Bob and Michelle Green and ended up buying one of their Natural Dye Kits.


Bob Green in his stall of vibrant natural dyed yarns, photo courtesy of the Grey Duckling

It contains some Alum mordant, some Logwood, Brazilwood and Fustic chips, some Chamomile, some Golden Rod and some Madder root. I can’t wait to try these out next month… got some clean fleece lined up for it.

And finally, I spent forever trawling through buttons and pins there and got home with this assortment:

Buttons and pins, cute classics

Now that I’m seeing those at home I’m wondering if the largest silver button wouldn’t make a great Tahkli whorl… I haven’t tried Tahklis yet…

It was my first knitting event since starting spinning and I absolutely loved it. It’s a shame I won’t be in Britain for Wonderwool Wales or I would probably have booked a ticket straight away.

I’m only showing you a few things I bought, but the day was a huge source of inspiration, full of people sharing the fibre obsession, I loved every minute of it. How about you? Do you attend fibre festivals? Which one is your favorite?

And finally, a link to the Bjork song which has been in my head ever since Unravel…


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