My first ever KAL

Over on the Historic Crafts group on Ravelry, Eddie and I decided set up a knit-along (KAL). Since lace is one of the Historic Crafts winter themes, we decided a lace shawl would be a perfect fit. The beautiful Estonian lace of the Echo Flower shawl by Jenny Johnson appealed to both of us and so we settled on that pattern.

Lotus blossom stitch

Last spring I knitted Elizabeth Freeman’s Laminaria, and absolutely loved the lotus blossom chart. Knitting it and watching it grow never got boring, even after I added an extra two repeats. This was more or less what drew me towards this model for the KAL. That very same stitch lotus blossom stitch is used in the body of the Echo Flower Shawl, which takes its inspiration from Laminaria. I love the more rounded edges which finish Echo Flower, and after knitting two full-size shawls for gifting, I am looking forward to keeping this one all to myself.


Zephir by Fonty, 100% wool

After many back and forth between yarns I wanted to use for this first ever KAL, I finally settled on a cone of laceweight yarn I’ve had for about a year now and have not started on yet. It is a French yarn: Zephir by Fonty, in a teal colorway I absolutely love. Can’t wait to see how it grows, and see the choices of the rest of the Ravelers in the KAL.

Here are my modest efforts for today as I cast on quite late in the day. They were further delayed by my lack of focus which led me to frog my starting garter stitch about four times. By the time I had to leave Eddie’s I had just completed the set up chart and was about to move on to the next chart. The colour is truest in the photo on the right, taken in natural light before I started knitting, whilst the picture below was taken in an artificial light.


Come and join us if you like, the pattern is beautiful, it’s free, we’ve just embarked on an exciting journey.


One response to “My first ever KAL

  • Eddie

    Yes it is really exciting. I have knitted quite a bit the last couple of days. Do you mind uploading the picture you took of mine the other day?


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