A knitted Christmas

Christmas is fast approaching… Slightly over two weeks to go and I appear to be completely unprepared this year as always. But I’ve decided there is still time to knit myself a bit of Christmas. I won’t knit Christmas presents for my whole family (although I have a few things I completed earlier this year which will be gifted under the tree), but I’m arming myself with knitting needles and bits of yarn and entering the Christmas spirit.

This year, I’ve decided to give a go at knitting Christmas decorations, they will hold to no watering for a couple of weeks much better, when I’m in France spending Christmas with my family, and still be just as fresh when I get back. I’m also hoping this will become a bit of a collection in the long run, to which I will add over time, so that, even if I only have time to knit a few ornaments this year, next year I will have a few more. I’ve never been very good at decorating my house for the festive season.

I started off with these lovely little things to hang in my plants, or a tree if I ever get one, or just around the house. They’re a very quick knit and a brilliant way to use up odd ends of yarn. I immediately fell in love with these little hearts:


Knitted hearts

Knitted hearts

I took the model here, the blue one is made of fingering weight yarn, the purple one of a laceweight yarn held double, both are knit on 3,5mm needles. I’m off to make plenty more to sprinkle around. I’m also working on a knitted wreath, although there are a few hurdles, and experimenting to make a pattern up for stuffed knitted stars in the same style as the hearts.

If anyone else has any pointers to give me on knitted Christmas, please leave a comment, I’d love to hear from you.


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