Sneak Peek

I’m making spindles for a spinning demo at a charity event at the weekend. I couldn’t resist posting pictures of some of the resin whorls before drilling into them.

Resin whorls about to be drilled

I’ve now prepped shafts and made hooks. As soon as the spindles are assembled, I’ll post photos in the spindle gallery.


4 responses to “Sneak Peek

  • fleegle

    What gorgeous spindles! Will you be making supported ones?

    Glad you liked my video!!

    • waysofthewhorl

      Your video opened my eyes to what supported spindling was supposed to be like! Now I love it. I was actually planning to link to it for a ‘spindle tale’ post on Russian spindles. These specific whorls are all going towards drop spindles because I’m going to use them for a demo for people to try out spinning and I find top whorls easier for that. But I’m thinking of making some for supported spindles next, I just need to look some more into what the ideal weight and dimensions should be…

  • sueze

    I love your spindles! I had been spinning on a wheel for about 5 years before I bought my first spindle, I must admit I haven’t used one in a while.
    thanks for following my blog

    • waysofthewhorl

      Thanks! For me nothing beats the portability of the spindle. There’s always one in my handbag in case of spinning emergencies… I may always have a massive handbage full to the brim, but I doubt I’d ever fit a spinning wheel in there…

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